finite element modeling of a rotor shaft rolling bearings


1) Tian Han* Xueliang Liu Andy C C Tan Fault diagnosis of rolling element bearings based on Multiscale Dynamic Time Warping Measurement 2017(95):355-366 (SCI) 2) Shuang Pan Tian Han* Andy C C Tan and Tian Ran Lin Fault Diagnosis System of Induction Motors Based on Multiscale Entropy and Support Vector Machine with Mutual Information Algorithm Shock and Vibration 2016:1

Rotor Dynamics

2019-5-20Rotor of various configurations : Solid Hollow Tapered Stepped Shaft material damping Gyroscopic effects (discs with angular degrees of freedom) Element geometry stiffness diam eter or element stiffness Bearings of all types: Cylindrical Conical Tilting Pad Rolling Element

Rotor Dynamics

2019-5-20Rotor of various configurations : Solid Hollow Tapered Stepped Shaft material damping Gyroscopic effects (discs with angular degrees of freedom) Element geometry stiffness diam eter or element stiffness Bearings of all types: Cylindrical Conical Tilting Pad Rolling Element

A New Rotor

2010-1-24centrated forces of the left bearings to shaft in the X and Y direc-tions F xbR and F ybR respectively represent the acting force of the right bearings to shaft in the x and y directions L represents the length of the shaft The rotor model in this paper is assumed symmetrical to the central plane and the gyroscopic forces are neglected


A C 0 continuity isoparametricfinite-element formulation is presented for the dynamic analysis of arotating or nonrotating beam with or without nonlinear boundaryconditions subject to a moving load The nonlinear end conditions arisefrom nonlinear rolling bearings (both the nonlinear stiffness andclearance(s) are accounted for) supporting a rotating shaft


2017-7-30journal bearings However rolling element bearings are also widely used in the rotating and gyroscopic systems Therefore response analysis of rotor mounted on rolling element bearings with base shock excitations is need to be studied For this finite element formulation of rotor with base shock excitation is developed

A Coupling Dynamics Analysis Method for Two

A new modeling method is proposed to simulate the dynamic response of a two-stage gear transmission system using the finite element method (FEM) The continuous system is divided into four modules: shaft-shaft element shaft-gear element shaft-bearing element and gear-gear element According to the FEM the model is built with each element assembled


2016-4-23Key words: Rotor Bearing Finite Element Method Campbell diagram Natural Frequency INTRODUCTION Rotor dynamics is specialized branch in which study includes the lateral and torsional vibration of rotating shaft The basic component of rotor dynamics is shaft or rotor It also includes disc and the bearings which supports the rotor


2011-8-4The modeling of high-speed rotor-AMB systems for control has been presented in the literature [5 6] Typically an extensive rotordynamic analysis is performed using a finite-element rotor model as a starting point Analytical models for additional components (e g power amplifiers and position

Optimization of Needle Roller Bearing System by using

2019-7-1did finite element model configuration of the rotor-bearing system Faruk Mendi Tamer Baskal Kurtulus Boran Fatih Emre Boran [4] have presented an optimization of module shaft diameter and rolling bearing for spur gear through genetic algorithm They varied the

Optimization of Bearing Locations for Maximizing First

2014-7-28C -W Lin 2140 where n b is the total number of bearings in the system and B i with the same size as K s is the stiffness matrix contributed by bearing i Usually the points of application of the bearings are arranged on the joint stations of spindle shaft FEM model [13]

A new finite element approach for the analysis of

2015-10-17International Organization for Standardization Rolling Bearings—Static Load Ratings ISO 76:2006 3rd edn 9 Zupan S Prebil I (2001) Carrying angle and carrying capacity of a large single row ball bearing as a function of geometry parameters of the rolling


2019-3-18M A El-Saeidy " Finite element modeling of rotor-shaft-rolling bearing systems with consideration of bearing nonlinearities " J Vib Control 4 541– 602 (1998) Google Scholar Crossref 9 F M A El-Saeidy " Finite element dynamic analysis of a rotating shaft with or without nonlinear boundary conditions subject to a moving load


2018-12-12The modelling procedure is validated by means of experiments on a rotor dynamic test rig The results show that vibrations generated by the bearing-shaft arrangement can be isolated from the housing by applying a viscoelastic bearing support KEYWORDS: rolling bearings rotor dynamics viscoelasticity constrained layer damping component mode

Design optimization of MR

Finite element method model of rotor system In order to investigate the stability and safety of the spinning MR-compatible x-ray tube motor a finite element method model of the motor was developed including the effects of rotational inertia gyroscopic moments and applied load (ANSYS v 13 0 ANSYS Inc PA) (Fig (Fig 6) 6)

Sai Kumar Anisetti

Design and Analysis of Rotor-bearing system using Magnetic Bearings Dec 2012 – May 2013 In this project the rotor-bearing system related to Permanent Magnet Brushless DC motor (PMBLDCM) is analyzed using finite element method and the influence of design parameters are investigated such as the axial length the shaft length and diameter on

Modeling of dynamic rotors with flexible bearings due

The rotor system being modeled is basically comprised of a shaft one or more disks and several flexible bearings containing layers of viscoelastic material The force upon the rotor system can be caused by unbalanced masses (synchronous excitation W = W rpm ) instabilities of hydrodynamic bearings (asynchronous excitation W 0 5 W rpm

Uncertainty analysis of a flexible rotor supported by

2015-11-11deterministic finite element model of the rotor (Koroishi et al 2012) Latin American Journal of Solids and Structures 12 (2015) 1487-1504 A A Cavalini Jr et al / Uncertainty analysis of a flexible rotor supported by fluid film bearings 1489

Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Dual

2019-10-15Rolling element bearings and squeeze film dampers are introduced in rotor models in forms of nonlinear external forces The earliest complete rolling element bearing model was established by Gupta in 1975which had 2 d egrees of freedoms (DOFs) and Hertzian contact the nonlinearity and time- -varying characteristics are considered in Later more


2005-10-10MODELING OF RIGID AND ELASTIC STRUCTURES IN ACTIVE MAGNETIC BEARINGS it was discretized by means of finite element method The rotor was divided into several "shaft elements" The axial bearing motor and radial bearing The second test rig is a beam supported in rolling element bearings on one side and the magnetic

[PDF] Dynamics of Rotating Machines

2020-7-261 Introduction 2 Introduction to vibration analysis 3 Free lateral response of simple rotor models 4 Finite element modeling 5 Free lateral response of complex systems 6 Forced lateral response and critical speeds 7 Asymmetric rotors and other sources of instability 8 Balancing 9 Axial and torsional vibration 10 More complex rotordynamic models

Finite Element Modeling of a Rotor Shaft Rolling

Finite Element Modeling of a Rotor Shaft Rolling Bearings System With Consideration of Bearing Nonlinearities By Fawzi M A El-saeidy Abstract Abstract: Analytical procedures are developed for predicting the dynamic behavior of rotor shaft systems supported on radial rolling element bearings In Section 3 of this article a Camp deg four

Api 661 Nozzle Loads Table

ISO 76 Rolling bearings — Static load ratings Nozzles connected to API Tanks with diameter more than 36 meter: Refer API 650 for nozzle loads (No standard table is provided for load values you have to determine the loads from equations) Nozzles connected to Air Fin Fan Cooler : Loads are mentioned in API 661 discuss with vendor if any

Dynamic Modeling of High

2019-4-9The bearings of high speed air turbines are commonly supported by flexible elastomeric O-rings which provide some level of vibration isolation and damping In this thesis finite-element methods and other dynamic modeling techniques have been used to study the dynamic characteristics of this high speed rotating machinery The rotor systems

On the modeling of rotors with rolling element

2020-5-12Consider the rotor with a flexible shaft and associated coordinate systems shown in Fig 1 The Jeffcott rotor is only modeled in the transverse coordinates u X and u Y and introduces us to inertial coupling effects from mass imbalance in planar motion known as centrifugal and Coriolis terms It provides for understanding the concepts of synchronous motion and critical speeds

Vibration Analysis Of Rotating Machinery Matlab

Rotor asymmetry rotor bow fatigue crack rotor - stator rub etc Vibration Monitoring Mathematical Modelling and analysis of Rotating Machinery SadaShiva Bayya 1 I Vibration Analysis of Pump Shaft Using Finite Element Analysis Software: A Review monitoring in the rotating machinery fault diagnostics it has been applied in this paper